Technical Support


The CAHNRS IT support technicians provide computer support for the College of Agriculture, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences (CAHNRS) administrators, faculty, staff, and graduate students.

Support requests are submitted to a work queue which operates on a first in, first out philosophy. We escalate priority for emergency and non-functionality problems, such as computer crashes, loss of network connectivity, email communication issues, and virus/malware attacks.

The CAHNRS IT support technicians are available to assist with all of your computing needs, some of which include:

  • System hardware and software support.
  • System hardware and software recommendations and quotes for purchase.
  • Operating System support (Microsoft Windows and Mac OS).
  • System setup and configuration.
  • Microsoft Exchange Mail account setup and support (email/calendar/contacts).
  • WSU Network ID and Friend ID account maintenance and support.
  • WSU wireless and wired network connection configuration.
  • SharePoint site support.
  • Lyris email distribution list setup and support.
  • Web application support (database, video conferencing, online courses, etc.).
  • File storage and backup services support.
  • Account and system security support.
  • File share access and printing support.
  • Network connections and phone services support.
  • Computer lab maintenance, scheduling, and support.